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    Huntik Secrets & Seekers - 225 - Lok and the Betrayer {C_P}


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    Huntik Secrets & Seekers - 225 - Lok and the Betrayer {C_P}

    Post  Administrator on Wed May 30, 2012 6:54 pm


    Our hero, Lok Lambert, is an ordinary high school student with a knack for puzzles. While he's studying with classmate
    Sophie Casterwill, they happen to find a magic Amulet and a journal left behind by Lok's missing father. However, the evil
    Organization, a group of evil monster summoners called Seekers are after the book. They attack Sophie and Lok with their monsters,
    called Titans. Sophie is also a Seeker and is able to defend herself, but Lok is forced into a dangerous chase to protect the journal.
    They join up with master adventurer Dante Vale, who is a heroic Seeker with the Huntik Foundation. Sophie wants to help Lok, because
    her family's secret symbol is on the cover of the journal. She hires Dante Vale with her family fortune to help them find Lok's father
    and train them both to be master Seekers. As they follow the clues to Prague, they add a new Seeker to the team...


    Episode # Series episode # Title Airdate Airdate

    51 25 "Lok and the Betrayer" 29 May 2012

    Den confronts Harrison and during the fight he Power bonds with his Titan Vigilante. As the Huntik Foundation members arrive in their Scramjets The Betrayer rises to take

    his place as the leader of the Blood Spirals. He revels in the destruction of The Foundations strongest member, Dante, believing there is no one left who is strong enough

    to confront him but Lok will not let Dante's sacrifice be in vain and leads the Foundation against him. The Betrayer reveals how he tricked the Team and Zahlia reveals

    herself to Harrison and he turns against the Betrayer to save her.

    Series Directed by
    Iginio Straffi(unknown episodes)
    Series Writing
    credits Chris Diente(unknown episodes)
    Sean Molyneaux(unknown episodes)

    Series Cast
    Rebecca Soler ... Sophie Casterwill (unknown episodes, 2009)
    Madeleine Blaustein ... Rassimov (unknown episodes)
    Richard Epcar ... Grier (unknown episodes)
    Mike Pollock ... The Professor (unknown episodes)
    Marc Thompson ... Cherit / ... (unknown episodes)

    Spoken Language: English



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